Blue Cruise Routes

Blue Cruise Routes

A country where thousands of years of history and four seasons are lived together, where nature blends in with its unique beauties, where people from all cultures mingle with friendship; TURKEY.

The moment when a thousand and one shades of blue meet the magnificent green of nature, embrace the history of ages ago, the fascinating effect of waking up in different coves at every sunrise, and the summer wind breeze while cruising on clear waters...

That first step through the door for the blue voyage; will introduce you to peace.

Are you ready to set sail for excitement and adventure?

Here are our routes…


Kaş - Kekova - Kaş

* Limanağzı Bay

* Ufak Dere Bay

* İnönü Bay

* Kocakadın Bay

* Aperlai Bay

* Batık Şehir (Sunken City)

* Tersane

* Kaleköy

* Simena

* Üçağız Village

* Gökkaya Bay

* Soğuk Su

* Karalos Bay

Fethiye - Göcek - Fethiye

* Kızılada Bay

* Turunç Bay

* Tarzan Bay

* Ağalimanı

* Dış Göbün

* İç Göbün

* Martılı Bay

* Cleopatra Bath

* Sarsala Koyu

* Bedri Rahmi Bay

* Yassıca Islands

* Tersane Island

* Zeytin Island

* Göcek Island